During open world battles, certain players will gain the ability to watch the battle from a different perspective and act as an effective tactical 'commander' (officers mentioned in the tech tree are more strategic than tactical). This functionality will be available to all factions from the start on tech tier 2.

  • Players can choose to become a commander at the start of each 1hr period; grunts - other players - will be given ‘suggestions’ by the commanders (commander will see it as starcraft from different non-perspective camera angle,fog of war based on what players see, have different controls and tools for selecting and issuing orders, the orders to players will show as light columns (ignoring terrain and showing relative elevation( if underground)) if they’ll follow them, they will be awarded points from the game itself upon achieving an arbitrary objective(they will accumulate % of orders followed * number of orders done* mvp flags over time and receive it on the objective completion  (zone control, captured resource delivery to rift/mobile outpost/outpost, POI capture) where the commander will participate in. if there will be more commanders vying for taking charge of a zone then there will be an auction or preference ordering so that other zones can have their commanders too
  • Commanders will have access to one-way special chat channel that will be a zone-wide ‘raid alert’
  •  ? (not sure if we need this level of granularity) Commanders will be able to assign multiple ‘sub-commanders’ which will also have access to this chat but their messages will only show to the commander and those grunts that chose this subcommander as their officer; light columns of the subcommander will show in a different color, players will be able to commend 1 of the sub commanders; the subcommander with most commendations will get 1 extra MVP, commendations will count towards overall season score for that player
  • How much points a commander invested in an objective/zone attempt will be multiplied by the overall difficulty of the combat (duration from start of attempt in relation to 1 hour (less than one hour - <100% at least 0%, more than one hour >100% up to a maximum of 200%, exponential and at the end commander will be rewarded this multiplier x investment (loss = 0)
  • Each player during an attempt has 1 vote for mvp to be gifted to another player. At the end the players with MVP flags (can have more than 1) will get extra points that they can use as commanders (so by taking charge as an informal commander you can accumulate some of the MVP flags and subsequently become a formal commander)
  • Players can spend those points as commanders as investment or to purchase temporary boosts from their subfaction deities (scrolls)