Each ERA will start iteratively in the world previous campaign ended in after a certain time period. This way some NONRENEWABLE RESOURCES will be moved to where order set up their outposts previously, some will be respawned thanks to volcanic eruptions depositing new material to mine. RENEWABLE RESOURCES will spawn as usual.

At the start of the era, all factions will start on zero TECH LEVEL. Early game will be about resource gathering.

Chaos rifts won't have enough energy to open long distance rifts.

As the game progresses, non-renewable resources will be mined out and battle lines will move closer together, effectively ramping up the stakes of the game.

What each faction is capable of is largely determined by TECH LEVEL.

Tech level will largely depend on the overall infrastructure of the faction. Once it's destroyed (or scattered or damaged enough) at the end of an era, it will obviously fall into disarray and disable some technological feats.

This means that factions can temporarily lose access to some technologies if their faction gets weak enough (which in turn speeds up end of an era and prevents a stall or draw).

Win conditions Edit

Order Edit

Order win condition is to attempt to destroy the maelstrom of chaos. When they're about to destroy the font of chaos, it erupts and a volcano will erupt/ground will open/asteroid will impact at the order stronghold (can be more smaller asteroids to not be predictable) destroying it, which will trigger the VOLCANOES around the world to erupt and start a new ERA.

Order won't be able to stall for victory because that will be a balance victory.

Chaos Edit

Chaos win condition is to destroy order stronghold. As it grows in power, it can trigger volcanic eruptions during the game, at the end the world will be similarly remade as in the order victory.

Chaos won't be able to stall as well as that will cause a balance win.

Balance Edit

Balance win condition is to delay both factions so neither wins and progress their own tech ahead of both to achieve tech victory - breakthrough. That breakthrough would directly endanger Eternia's and Maelstrom's existence so they both intervene in unison and .. (rewind time/form a completely new world).