Chaos rift travel Edit

  • Chaos is purple, everything  purple
  • Chaos players inside maelstrom will see a hub that will show a globe with indicators of locations of rifts and their age will be based on how dark(towards black) shade of purple that rift is; age is reduced on it’s own and also by how many players went through or siphoned energy from it
  • overall rift strength is determined when it’s spawned based on how many rifts are currently open, how strong the maelstrom is (how well are the players feeding it)
  • When emerging from the rift, chaos fonts(used for requisition of ‘crafted’ gear, healing and mutation) can be fought over so that the strongest have access to them and a bunch of noobs don’t deplete them
  • ffa pvp with friendly fire always on, downing fellow chaos player bears little consequences, can’t initiate a kill though unless issued a challenge, being killed repeatedly severly prolongs the time it takes to self-wake up
  • when the rift closes, players outside it will be stranded and will have to run over to the nearest blight zone or other rift to regenerate or use that rift to travel back to maelstrom
  • high power rank chaos officers will be able to open short duration limited use one way minirift to maelstrom