Balance is a faction that strives for exactly what it's named after - nor order nor chaos victory. They are all about mobility and TECH.

Balance has a floating city of scientists and techies, they get their resources from salvaging areas that were touched by both chaos and order (from one or other, preferably both). They can change the base of operations, have mobile outposts as well, steam-punky? Chaos and order can salvage balance tech  to improve theirs. Each time they move, they leave behind some salvageable tech by order/chaos.

By increasing the tech level and depleting resources the seasons will end on their own (balance will essentially drain both sides to have ‘time’ for tech advances.

? Balance will be able to ‘spy’ (t2+)- dress as order and sneak into their dwellings to ‘sap’ knowledge from their structures to deposit back in their outposts or backstab order when engaging them. Such players will be discovered and decloaked by proximity of players with high awareness (int+agi?)