“World permanent, players temporary” Edit

  • during gameplay players will be able to procreate with other players and/or unattended offspring
  • the stats that the proceation is based on are a combination of genetic traits and combat/noncombat skill training choices during the era up to the moment of the procreation
  • number of soul fragments incurred on that vessel during procreation will affect quality of the material (tendency towards negative traits over positive traits)
  • Characters will have a ‘genome’ - positive or negative bonuses to stats and positive or negative percentages into speed at which they can learn a certain skill tree or a starting bonus. Those genomes will be combined and mutated (least mutation for order, more mutation for balance, most for chaos).
  • More than one offspring can be produced
  • Once offspring are produced and reach puberty, the player and/or the partner can choose to reliquish control of their current characters and take control of the offspring instead (they will have option to do so first before the rest of playerbase)
  • should they choose to remain in control of their current characters, the offspring will become public
  • Higher vessel age(s) negatively affects the chances of positive traits over negative traits
  • as stated above, trained characteristics will slightly affect the genome aswell (if you spend the whole age training as a tank and mate with another tank, the resulting offspring will have a higher chance to have positive tanking buffs (starting point or speed of training)
  • Players will be able to choose to take control of someone’s offspring only from the faction the fragments point to (i.e. if the next reincarnation should be order, only order characters available to public will be able to be chosen)


  • Different for each faction, number of offspring variable
  • Chaos : basically fighting over who will be alpha and procreate, unsuccessful players will get to play as the leftovers (it will be rare to have a continuous family tree)
  • Balance : free open negotiation between players who want offspring
  • Order: prearranged by the faction, players won’t have a say in it
  • Children start on zero skills with a slight advantage towards some directions