Overview Edit

  • On highest tier of “tech” order and chaos will be able to augment some of their players on the battlefield with temporary buffs that turn them into kind of super-saiyan mode - much more defenses, hit points, damage and healing outputs (basically just a multiplier on every non-percentage stat)
  • Field commanders will call in those buffs, for chaos it will be put on random top tier chaos power rank players, for order the commander will be able to choose  specific players
  • Balance will have the tech to temporarily overload their augments (all order players) increasing their stats in a similar fashion and their move speed (not as powerful tho) and allowing them to do extra effectiveness against the avatars of order and chaos. This power will be expensive and after it wears off, it debuffs the balance players with a negative multiplier, taking extra damage from avatars

Order and chaos bases core Edit

  • Order and chaos bases will have a hart/core -  a font of order/chaos that will be damagable and healable only by avatars. Destruction of the core ends an age

Automated defensive mechanisms Edit

Chaos - minirifts Edit

  • Chaos base will  have traps - randomly spawning rifts that will forcibly teleport enemy players to a random location in the world and opening a temporary rift to get back to maelstrom somewhere nearby - it will be up to them to get back into the fight
  • Same rifts will give chaos players temporary boost increasing life leech and attack power

Order - consecrated ground Edit

  • Order base will have similar traps - chaos players stuck in them will be temporarily debuffed increasing their fragility and slowing them down
  • Order players walking in the same area will gain temporary defensive buffs and get a powerful heal over time effect

Balance - automated turrets Edit

  • high powered automated defensive turrets damaging order and chaos players
  • the closer to the main engine (what powers everything and allows the base to travel) the more powerful, basically oneshotting all but avatars
  • on balance t3 mobile outposts will be equippable by the weaker version of the base turrets
  • Avatars of both chaos and order will be immune to all of those effects (minirifts, consecrated ground, turrets), balance players will be also immune for the duration of their overload