Faction visibility will differ based on faction. Edit

Order and chaos players will have a personal map that will be updated only when they personally go to that area and otherwise just show structure and control data from the last time they were there or watching the globe in maelstrom. Everything else will be subject to fog of war.


  • Will have real time visibility in areas around rifts for people standing next to them and update map of constructibles that is visible for everyone inside the maelstrom..

  • Such a map in the maelstrom could be represented by a floating sphere with texture of circles underneath the rifts representing what was detected in the area

  • From t2+ there will also be the network of blight spawners with color (brightness) showing their age.. And as order or balance destroy them, chaos will indirectly know that order or balance is operating in that area

  • ? In the vicinity of a rift every non-chaos living will be shown as enemy

  • When near the rift chaos players will see enemy players’ outlines highlighted in the 3d interface based on what other chaos players see automatically, outside of the zone of rifts they will have no tool like a map


  • Will rely on basic tech, people and deity

  • high towers to provide good vision that will need to be manned

  • Player will pray and they will receive a vision that will represent the situation

  • They will be able to ‘transmit’ what they see like in Battlefield by praying so that the deity will update that information to other order players that are praying

  • Visually it can be symbolic - a vision of the globe that will show in real time which sections are being assaulted by chaos or balance - like a glob being overgrown by a system of vines (leylines) that will stem from the built network of sanctuaries (temple, respawn)

  • Players will be able to send a warning(ping) that will be visually noticeable in the vision (a fading red light on the globe vision where the dimness will show how fresh the warning is) and its intensity will be based on how many enemy players are in the field of view of the order player


  • Will be most sophisticated when it comes to visibility - at t1 they will have radios so that everyone will see on a personal map where enemies are and if it’s order or chaos

  • Rifts, blight spawners on t2 will be shown as well as the network of order temples (togglable filters)

  • On t3 balance will have (?scouting flying drones as well) HUGE visibility radius from any mobile base currently floating transmitting everything it sees in real time

  • t3 autonomous remote (stealth?) detectors