Welcome to the Project eternia wikiEdit

Project eternia is an MMO in the very earliest stages of concept creation, brainstorming and analysis.

Following is a list of currently maintained pages:

General info Edit

Overview of the game - basic information.

The story - factions, deities

Alignment - detailed description of how the alignment works.

Main faction differences Edit

Factions: chaos

Factions: balance

Factions: order

Combat Edit

Combat overview

Combat skills training - potential and efficiency

Phases of the game Edit

Tech level

Campaign era and win conditions

Soul fragments

Final siege, avatars and augment overload

Rules and principles Edit


PVP Rules and looting

Battle commander mode

Resources - renewable and non-renewable

Volcanic eruptions

Inventory limits

Skills and skill trees

Fog of war/visibility

Faction overall power

Water and underwater gameplay

Families and procreation

Buildings - construction, destruction, condition, moving

Other topics Edit

Non-combat activities (crafting lore items, farming, transportation, submitting insignias and crests, thematic minigames)

World layout (hexes, pentagons, triangles, transition triangles, typized areas)

Latest activityEdit

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