Renewable resources Edit

Most of resources needed for conquest will be non-renewable.

Chaos will sustain their hunger by consuming the renewable raw and directly (no recipes, hunt, can eat balance and order corpses). Will be able to learn tech to raise animals to eat, will award balance alignment rating (deity related).

Order and balance will have to procure their own but they can eventually grow their own renewables (order from get go agriculture, balance at start foraging, then tech hydroponics). On the other hand order will be able to hunt also (give balance deity AR).

In worse case order/balance can cannibalize (give chaos AR). Both will be punished for doing so if seen by 3rd party.

List of renewable resources:

  • wood - t1 fuel, t1 construction material
  • edible flora
  • edible fauna
  • fresh water

Non-renewable resources Edit

Everything else needed for crafting and construction is a non-renewable resource that is mined in the world.

Rocks and stones will be relatively abundant, ores will be more rare.

Volcanic eruptions will 'refuel' areas affected by the explosion and lava flows with new rocks and veins.


  • sandstone t1 construction
  • limestone, feldspar t2 construction coal:t2 fuel
  • granite, basalt t3 construction uranium: t3 fuel


  • copper, tin t1 crafting (smelt:bronze)
  • iron, graphite t2 crafting (smelt: steel)
  • thorium, magnesium t3 crafting (smelt:mag-thor)