Legend: c/b - chaos tech gained from balance, b/o balance tech gained from order etc

CPR - chaos power rank (ELO)

chaos c/b b/c balance b/o o/b order o/c c/o
tier 1
chaos imbue (items) wield balance gear harvest tech from gear wheeled mobility (ouposts, base) harvest tech from gear wield balance gear gear familiarity
chaos mutations (CPR stats) wield chaos gear stationary stim stations in outposts wield order gear centralized distribution
claws and talons (unarmed) power from fuel sources t1 loyalty points
tranform enemy armor (+GFX) steam ranged weapons base rift repulsion
volcanic eruptions grade 1
tier 2
leech life blight spawners only constructible in blight weaker leech hover mobility (outposts, base) field commander vote to promote to officers leech banner aura field commander
branding with marks body modifications vacuum tubes transport blight resistance tasks and rewards
CPR based officers mobile stim stations (guild based) outpost blight resistance banners (customizable aoe aura)
mutate limb (officer power - aoe aura) power from fuel t2 structure cleansing field commander
tech imprintable to maelstrom outpost automated turrets base blight repulsion
medium CPR gain berserking gunpowder ranged weapons stronger base rift repulsion
rifts grade 2 blight resistance
field commander automatic from CPR unless challenged for it order structure cleansing (negates chaos debuff on repair speed)
volcanic eruptions grade 2
tier 3
high CPR officers blight aura procs (random effects) fly mobility (outposts, base) blight imunity balance bolsters outpost blight repulsion chaos bolsters
high officer ability to open short duration one way rift back to maelstrom outpost teleports outpost blight immunity outpost weak rift repulsion
HO able to aoe drain life form marked chaos players power from fuel t3 blight immunity
mobile turrets (high officers, temporary) officers can vote in a leader
rift grade 3 high officers can build mobile limited teleport leader can bolster outposts with divine currency
body augments (implants), overloading leader can issue orders to officers and reward them with loyalty
energy ranged weapons
volcanic eruptions grade 3