Volcanic eruptions are an event that severly damages/destroys order and balance structures around (proximity distance 1) the volcano pentagon and deposits new non-renewable resources in a path of lava flow (can be more than one).

Size and strength of the eruption can affect larger area (proximity distance 2) than just the surrounding hexes (will kill anything living in them and damage/destroy buildings).

Volcano upon eruption changes state to active regardless previous state. Upon conclusion of an era all volcanoes will be downgraded 1 grade (active become resting, resting become dormant).

Lava flows inside water (coast .. deep water) triangles will transform them into flatland and surrounding water triangles into coast transition they deposit non-renewables randomly but also fertilize Z2 with nutrients for excellent growth of renewables in those triangles.

Lava flow size: Edit

  • small - 3 triangles
  • medium - 5 triangles, 1 fork on 3rd triangle
  • large - 7 triangles, 2 times fork on 3rd and 5th triangles

Size of eruption and its effects: Edit

zone 1 (Z1) - kill all living, destroy all buildings, destroy all renewables

zone 2 (Z2) - down all living, damage all buildings, destroy all renewables

TL - triangle layer

  • small eruption: Z1: distance 0-2 TL, Z2 + 1 TL, 1 small lava flow
  • medium eruption: Z1: distance 1-3 TL, Z2 +2 TL, 2 medium lava flow
  • large eruption: Z1: distance 2-4 TL, Z2: +2 TL, 3 large lava flow

Probability of an eruption when triggered: Edit

  • active volcano: 75
  • resting volcano: 50
  • dormant volcano: 25

Triggering of the eruptions conditions based on chaos tech: Edit

  • t1 : affects(rolls dice if it actually happens) 1 random active volcano, costs X resources to trigger, only small eruption, long warning (delay) between firing spell and actual eruption, only summonable by the top tier of chaos power rank players
  • t2: affects 2 random active or aged volcanoes, up to medium eruption, costs X*10 resources to trigger, medium warning length
  • t3: affect 3 random volcanoes (active, resting or dormant), up to large eruption, costs X*100 resources, short warning length

Chaos loss cataclysm - end of era Edit

When chaos loses an era, the maelstrom itself will self-destruct, call in asteroids that will mainly target the order stronghold, but can also target a random order outpost. Those asteroids will trigger large volcanic eruptions in all active and resting volcanoes resulting in pretty much total wipe of everything living on the planet.