• World will be layed out like a truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) - consisting of 12 pentagons and connected by hexagons in the middle; the pentagons will be mountaineous regions with high probability of having a volcano inside of them (maybe all of them but of various age and activity)
  • Each of those hexes can be subdivided to a network of triangles (fractal)
  • Each of those triangles will be either a ‘typized’ triangle or a transition triangle
  • There will be a list of possible types based on 4 criteria - elevation, humidity, temperature and lifelessness(lifefulness?)
  • Elevation [-1,0,1,2] (depression - probably ocean, flatland, hills, mountains)
  • humidity [0,1,2] (arid - desert, temperate, humid (jungle/saltwater/swamp/freshwater))
  • temperature [0,1,2] (freezing, temperate, hot)
  • Lifefulness [-1,0,1] (inhospitable, temporarily hospitable, hospitable) - for both humanoids and plant/animal life

Each world will start with the volcanoes on the pentagons and be surrounded by the ‘overall’ type of hexes - like desert-y, plains-y, forest-y, hill-y (like settlers of catan)

Then, the artists or an algorithm will decide which triangles will have more definition (lakes, swamps and other features) based on certain criteria and randomness (can’t border swamp and desert etc). Each triangle will have (artist defined in a library) defined anchor points and areas for constructibles like plants, trees etc. The remaining triangles will be automatically filled as transitional triangles.

  • (PRE)predeined triangles (whole area is one type from library)
  • (TRA)transitional triangles (will interpolate between three different types - again a library)

Each volcano pentagon will have the inner pentagon (the volcano itself) and surrounding polygon quads that will allow it to connect to surrounding landscape

  • those quads will be affected 100% of the time as z1 when the volcano will erupt, there will be chance for caves with rich non-renewable ore resources

Triangles will all assume 0 elevation unless specified otherwise, TRA will move their vertexes apropriately to match the differences in elevation between bordering PREs, subdivide edges with some randomness in elevation in a fractal fashion (repeatable for a few steps). This subdivision won't affect spatial coordinates of anything mapped on them, just underlying geometry.

Alternative Edit

As an alternative, the layout might be similar but based purely on triangles with a formation of 5 of them converging 12 evently spaces places forming a grid of volcanoes (giving better granularity for the purposes of making the world seem slightly larger. Simulation of this geometry is in blender an iso sphere with 4 subdivisions. Resulting is a 'mesh' with 20 large triangular zones (5 each on north and south pole, 10 on equator). Each large triangle is aproximately 8 triangles across. This should provide sufficient granularity and regularity to the mesh to undestand it easilly and also not force everyone so close to the volcanoes (to not make them such a dominant overshadowing everything else). This means that lava flows can be longer and more branching and explosion radius more fine.